Thursday, May 24, 2012

Enjoy The City Books - Huge Discount!

Why do you need an Enjoy The City Book? It will help you save money on groceries. Each book contains five $5/30 coupons for Winn-Dixie. If Publix accepts Winn Dixie as a competitor they can be used there, which will save you over $125 in groceries. They also contain some great savings on entertainment and dining out.

The books are on sale now five books for $25. Use the code TOTALLY. They are normally $20 each.

If you have several friends in your local area who also actively coupon- they also have a special where if you order 20 books, not only will they be $5 each, but you will get an EXTRA 20 for FREE. That works out to be $2.50 per book! This offer is valid thru Tuesday, 5/29 at 12 midnight CST.

Go here to order!

*Note- If you choose to order 20 books or more, you will NOT see the doubled order reflected in your “purchased” books. The doubled order is automatically done by Enjoy the City when they ship your books. If you’d prefer, you can call Enjoy the City at 866-359-2489 Ext. 215 or Ext. 211 to verify that your order will double before you place your order.

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