Thursday, May 3, 2012

Extreme Couponing Tip: How to Stack Coupons at CVS

CVS is my favorite drug store to shop at. They are by far the most coupon-friendly, so if you are a beginner start here! In the front of the store there is a magic coupon machine. You scan your CVS card and it prints out store coupons every day. Make sure to scan your card in the machine until the screen says, "Sorry, no more coupons today". The magic coupon machine will print off coupons for FREE items, or 25% off your next purchase, or even Extra Bucks. Oh, there are so many magical possibilities. You can also print out CVS store coupons on their website.
So, let's say M&M's are on sale 2 for $4.
You have two $1 off 1 item manufacturer coupons
and stack two $1 off one item CVS store coupons.
You can use all four coupons, which will make your M&M's FREE!
And, the best part is that CVS will have Extra Buck Offers every week. So if they are offering one extra buck if you buy two M&M's, you will receive a printed "buck" after your purchase on the store receipt that can be applied to your next one, which makes your M&M's more than FREE!
If you don't have a CVS card apply for one now. It is free. Also ask to purchase a Green Bag Tag. They cost $1, but every four times your green tag is scanned you get one extra buck, so this pays for itself. You can only scan your Green Bag Tag once per day. You can scan your regular CVS card multiple times. CVS allows you to use your Extra bucks right away. So if you know that gum is on sale for $1.00, you can do another transaction after you buy the M&M's, and use your ECB to get the gum for free too! There are way less restrictions on ECB's than RR's (Register Rewards at Walgreens). You can apply as many ECB's as you want, pretty much on anything in the store, except alcohol and cigarettes. I like to use my ECB's on milk or other staples that there usually aren't coupons for.

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